La Sirena

Director: Rosita Lama Muvdi, Columbia, 25 Minutes

La Sirena is a psychosexual fairy tale about Mia, a woman who lives in a small fishing village and is having an affair with Hector, a married fisherman. On the day Hector threatens to end the affair, Mia discovers a mysterious woman, Mara, washed up on shore, naked and with a hook lodged into her ribcage. After Mia brings her home and heals her wound, Mara tells her that a fisherman tried to stab her. With suspicions that Hector might have been involved, Mia is forced to confront Hector and, eventually, surrenders to her own inner monster to avenge her broken heart.


The Cream

Director: Director: Jean-Marie Villeneuve, France, 8 Minutes

Gilbert, a quirky young man, is out for a Sunday jog in the forest. When a muscular, athletic man passes him at tremendous speeds, Gilbert is left confused, curious, and ultimately aroused by his secret.



Director: Jennifer von Schuckmann, Germany, 26 Minutes

MimiCry follows the young student Mimi on her quest to find life, love and herself. As a sexual and spiritual road-movie without cars, MimiCry is the first movie ever made about an unexplored facet in today’s queer spectrum.



Director: Kai Stänicke, Germany, 3 Minutes

A girl’s quest to get back what’s missing – her heart.


The Fix

Director: Ed Hancox, USA, 10 Minutes

In this surreal queer farce, a young fast-food worker goes to extreme measures to curb his appetites.



Director: Yann Gonzalez, France, 23 Minutes

With a highly evocative soundtrack, the latest provocation from France’s Yann Gonzalez—winner of the Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival—blurs the lines between dream and lucid nightmare as a macabre, erotic stage performance sends a ripple of lustful desires through its audience and performers.


Matthew Mutchmore
Film Festival Committee Chairperson

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