Lesbian Shorts - Out Again


Director: Robin Cloud, USA, 11 Minutes

Cat visits her parents for the weekend and is confronted with her mother’s inability to remember one key detail.

Lesbian Shorts - Sweet Dreaming


Director: Katie Escane, Australia, 13 Minutes

In this colorful musical short, Penny, the owner of a blossoming sweet shop in 1940s Australia, must decide between her career and her forbidden love for honey supplier, Charlie.

Lesbian Shorts - The Cricket and the Ant


Director: Julia Ritschel, Germany, 15 Minutes, Subtitled

18-year-old student Lena is interested in only one thing: her teacher Katharina. The two women bond through a secret love, which is brought to an end when Katharina chooses to go back to her old ways.

Lesbian Shorts - CHRISTINE


Director: Kate Montgomery, USA, 10 Minutes

With the help of her best friend, Christine redefines her perception of strength and what it means to be herself.

Lesbian Shorts - Y


Director: Gina Wenzel, Germany, 24 Minutes, Subtitled

Laura is a self-confident young woman, a member of the new “Me Me Me Generation“, also known as “Generation Y”. Spoiled by life’s abundance of options, Laura has lost track of her own aims and ideals. She’s always looking for something, she just doesn’t know what. One night she meets Safi, who has fled her homeland. The encounter gives Laura food for thought.

Lesbian Shorts - LILY


Director: Graham Cantwell, Ireland, 22 Minutes

Lily is a girl with a secret, on the cusp of becoming a young woman. With her best friend, the fiercely loyal and flamboyant Simon, she navigates the treacherous waters of school life. When a misunderstanding with the beautiful and popular Violet leads to a vicious attack, Lily is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life.

Lesbian Shorts - Mai


Director: Marta González, Spain, 8 Minutes, Subtitled

Carmeta, Mari and Pilar are three senior women who spend every afternoon sitting on a bench, next to the main street of their village. The arrival of a mysterious pair of girls turns into the main topic of their discussion.

Matthew Mutchmore
Film Festival Committee Chairperson

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