Director: Susie Rivo, USA, 55 Minutes

The stirring Left On Pearl documents how a march to honor International Women’s Day in Boston during the early 1970’s shifted course in more ways than one when a group of women ignored the planned route and turned left down Pearl Street to occupy 888 Memorial Drive, a Harvard-owned former knitting factory they intended to take over as a women’s center. What ensued was a 10-day standoff with local authorities as the women refused to back down. The film offers a fascinating demonstration of intersectionality in action, as the women’s cause meets up with the gay rights movement, as well as the push for the university to build low-income housing to make up for the homes it had demolished in the name of expansion. Ultimately, it offers a timely examination into the power of protest to achieve some much-needed social change.

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Director: Michelle Citron, USA, 23 Minutes

Norma and Virginia lived together in Chicago for almost fifty years. They died isolated, the vibrant lesbian community of their youth and middle age long gone. All that was left were the photos – two thousand of them! An experimental documentary, Leftovers is a love story about the unforeseen trajectory of lives lived outside the mainstream.


Matthew Mutchmore
Film Festival Committee Chairperson

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